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English speakers stay away from the start


To be honest, I would never recommend SFR to my international students planning to study in France, I was promised English support when I got the sim card but never have I spoken to anyone from SFR that spoke English. When I told them, "Je ne parle pas français" they were quick to say they'd "call tomorrow" but that has never happened. I've been seeking assistance online for over a month now and when ABSOLUTELY no help has been provided, I want to cancel my pack. But surprise surprise there is no way for a non-french speaker to access their app or their website, I would never want to rant about an incompetent brand on any social media platform or a discussion forum because clearly you don't care. I'm done chasing after you, you've had my money for the past few months. it's about time I receive the customer service I paid for. 


P.S. how do you not have a customer service email?


Re: English speakers stay away from the start

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Dear @rahuldesai792 welcome to the Forum SFR,


Sorry to hear about your experience, but there is unfortunatey no English speaker at the Customer service. Moreover here at the Forum we do not have acess to your personal files since the customer service is not here.


I would recommend you to contact the Cusomer service via the social media Facebook ; Twitter with the help of a French speaker in order to solve your concern.


Please let me know, in the meantime I wish you a nice day.