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This is relevant to SFR line I had in SAINT-GENIS-POUILLY during 2018-2019:


I had SFR for a bit more than 1 year and I have to say, it was a disaster!

->The internet connection >ALWAYS< was VERY poor and unstable. Whenever you connect to a remote client, the connection was lost within 5-8 minutes!

->In my case the promised maximum speed was 200Mb, I had in average ~3-5 at home with their disastrous wi-fi box!

->To reach support (with the only french number) is practically impossible! Not only no one on the support line speaks at all English (despite SFR was advertised by SELECTRA as having English speaking support, i.e. don't trust also Selectra!), but even asking someone speaking french, you can't get any help!

->calling support takes from 15 to 40 minutes until the call is picked up!

->Now it's almost a month, as I'm trying to finalize annulation of the contact with SFR, but they barely respond! After 3 calls by phone, they send me return info to send their equipment back!



CERN people, be aware!


After AFR I connected to Sosh Orange (I know, that there are a lot of complains about Orange too), but to be honest, I have this line now for 1 month and it is a very big difference wrt SFR in positive sense! The average sped is ~50-70 Mb and the connection is very stable (so far no drop of remote (CERN) connection at all (with wi-fi!)!



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How can I help you please?



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