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Cancel my sim card



I've been trying to cancel my sim card i moved to india ( my home) becuase of covid 19 in a hurry but was unable to cancel my sfr? now i cant contact them, and it's getting very difficult to reach as i have tried to call but nobody speaks in english and is responding to me. How to i cancel my number from india (outside france) i am not able to call on 1023/ the otehr numbers i' mcalling are not getting through. please help. 

Thank you 


Re: Cancel my sim card

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Hello @bhavya 


You can contact a councellor from SFR through Twitter ou Facebook :

SAV Twitter



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Re: Cancel my sim card



I faced the same problem, could you tell me if you did it? if so, what exactly did you do? I tried to call 1023 but nothing came of it

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