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How to cancel


We are leaving France, our second home, and want to cancel our SFR Services (Ligne fix, box). Trying to do that means getting into a deep deep bureaucratic jungle. First step was to call 1026, English speaking help, they told us to call 1023.

We called 1026 and spent more than half an hour, we were asked about our address, email etc, even if we had keyed in our phone nr. The person was very difficult to talk to, arrogant, bad French. The only thing we were told was to send a letter to SFR, she could not tell us the address and she could not tell us what will happen after we have sent a letter. Today we called again 1026 who just told us that they did not want to help. Today we then spent one hour with 1023, after 10 minutes we were connected a nice guy who spoke English, he promised to help, disappeared and after a long wait another appeared with no information about the background so we had to start explaining again. It ended up in a similar way with one difference, we got an address for the letter. But no explanation on how and where to leave the box or how to get the deposit money back.

Poor French people who have to liver under this terrible bureaucracy


(I am not expecting any help after this message and I guess it will be refused after some time)


Edit CM : Votre sujet a été déplacé car il n'était pas dans la bonne catégorie. Vous recevrez bientôt une réponse de la Communauté. Bonne journée !

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Re: How to cancel

Expert SFR

Hello @stenli01


Sorry to ear about your journey across the French bureaucracy, hopefully I'll be able to help. 

First you need to check the conditions for termination of your subscription
A SFR Box offer can be terminated at any time.

You have signed up for an offer with a commitment of 12 or 24 months: if you have not completed your commitment period, the remaining months due will be charged to you as well as the service closing fee of €49. Calculate the cancellation fee of a fixed offer.
If you are terminating your contract and are no longer under commitment only the service closing fee of €49 will be applied.

You then need to contact the SFR Customer Service via 1023 (What you already did)
They will provide you with the mailing address to which to send your termination mail. (Which you are supposed to already have if I understood well)


important to know

Different postal addresses are available on the Internet. To ensure the optimal processing of your termination request, only the address communicated by an advisor of the SFR Customer Service is to be taken into account.

I send my request by letter (Find here a free template for your letter and plenty of other useful informations)


From the day after receipt of your mail, the cancellation will be effective within 10 days or more if you choose a date greater than 10 days.

You will then receive an e-mail or a letter indicating that your request has been taken into account.


In the event of termination, you will receive a letter or e-mail confirming that your request has been taken into account.

It will be followed by a second mail or e-mail:

describing how to return your equipment,
including your return label.


Hope I was able to help you. 


Have a nice day 😃



Antony, Community Manager à votre écoute

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Re: How to cancel


SFR could easily improve the situation by:


  • Offering a way to contact SFR via email or similar, does not exist today
  • SFR could improve the structure on the website


It is surprising that a company in the IT sector is such a poor performer of above mentioned services.

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