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Invoice Refund for SFR Mobile and SFR Box


Hello SFR Team,


Good day!


I'm writing this to you after experiencing a big shock of receiving my second invoice from SFR for Mobile and Box.

On November 6,2018- I changed my connection from Orange to SFR after hearing about good offers and nice customer service. At the time of obtaining new SFR connection,


For mobile - After activating my SFR Box, I was promised a competitive price of 10 euros per month from second invoice. I have activated my box connection in first week of November, but my second invoice was for 20 Euros this month. So, this offer has not been applied in the invoice as promised. I request you to refund this 10 euros.


Next, for box - I was promised that I will be paying 20 Euros from second month, but the second invoice says 80 Euros which is completely shocking. When the box was setup in my apartment, most of the installation was already present due to my old fibre connection and only thing technician did was to plug the new box (which even I could have done by myself). These kind of charges - 60 Euros were never informed to me or never discussed with me when i took the connection and same was not mentioned in the signed contract. If these charges had been mentioned earlier, I would have connected this new box by myself.


I have taken nearly 1 hour to speak to customer service team and SFR box team yesterday. And finally, they regretted saying that the invoice has already been generated for this month and for swift response & refund, they asked me to write immediately. It's been just one month since I have taken the new connection and I'm very disappointed already. I kindly, request you to refund these charges for mobile and box immediately.




Re: Invoice Refund for SFR Mobile and SFR Box

Client Top Contributeur

Hello @LookingforHelp


> I request you to refund this 10 euros.

You may not have noticed that this forum is not a direct way to talk to SFR.


It's a forum for customers, to make them share their experience and help, as described in the Welcome section ("Bienvenue" in French).


So unfortunately, you have to get those corrections from the official SFR services to customers.

For instance, if you want to use electronic communnication, you can contact the official customer service by twitter or facebook.

I don't know if they reply in English.


Courage !


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