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Bills out of my packages

I have my sim card with a monthly bill of 15€ a month for 1 year now and last June I buy a mobile unit for 8 € a month for a two year contract. Aside from that I help a friend to avail one sim with a package of a wifi box for 25€ a month because he doesn’t have a bank acct that time. On line we managed to change my bank account to change it with his bank account but then last billing that was sept 23 2019 it was deducted on his account which is bills and that was 23€. And his bill which is 34...€ was deducted on my bank account. And this October 16 and the few months I have a fixed 14.99 and 13.99 € bills deducted on my bank account which is out of the packages I avail. Could you help me this. Thank you so much!

Re: Bills out of my packages

Expert SFR

Hello @Angelica2,


We can't access your customer profile here, so you will have to contact customer service on social networks (Facebook or Twitter) to explain your problem and find a solution.


Have a nice day.

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