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Sfr ne peux pas connecter l’internet

We had contracted with SFR to get internet, TV and phone in a building where they already have connection. First time they could not connect us because the signal in the outdide box was too strong. Six weeks after another technician came and guess what? They Could not connect because the signal from the outside box is too strong! Aparently the first technician did not report it. It should be solved in several days he said. A week latter, still no news. We tried 15 times to call the client line - always busy. We tried to send an email from the client space on the sfr page to the assistance adress - it came back!
Conclusion: they are not able to perform their own services and you cannot get in touch with them. In Nice in the 21st Century.

Re: Sfr ne peux pas connecter l’internet

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Sorry for you, I hope you'll be able to get help from other customers like us here.


The only thing I can say is to try to get in touch with their official customer service by messages on twitter or facebook.

Good luck.



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